Little milestones

On Sunday, we went to church. Afterward, we went to the mall, also known as Target according to Xavi. That’s because we enter and exit through the store. He has a routine: jumping and running around at an inflatables place, lunch at the food court, and then desperately trying to convince us to buy him a new toy at Target before we leave. He wanted a new train.

To appease him we let him lead the way through Target with a big caveat. He could look at the toys but it would only be so we could find what he wanted to add to his birthday wishlist. He wouldn’t be getting anything because it wasn’t his birthday yet. But I’d tell tía Lori what he wanted since she asked.

Xavi took his time walking from the gift wrap and crafts section to the food. He tried to convince me we needed vanilla ice cream, it was hard to resist as it was on sale. In the book section he found yet another train book. Eventually we made or way to the Thomas and Friends aisle. He chose some crazy shark thing. It was on clearance and I sent the info to my sister.

When it was time to leave, Xavi had a mini meltdown because he “wanted something.” We explained again that he’d get something later for his birthday.

Xavi wasn’t the only one who left emptyhanded. I managed to avoid buying anything for myself which I’m not sure I’ve ever done.

It was a milestone for both of us.


I recently reflected on our move two years ago. I mentioned to a friend going through something quite similar (big city to a small town, toddler child) that perhaps Xavi’s speech delay made the move less difficult. He didn’t have the words to tell me he wanted to go home or that he wanted to see his grandparents or aunts and uncles. I knew I missed home, but I wasn’t unintentionally guilt tripped by my toddler.

That’s different now as Xavi has the vocabulary to tell you how he feels, what he wants, and who he wants to see. Tonight during bedtime prayers he said, “I pray for  grandma to come see me. And I pray for tía Lori to come see me. I love them.”

Gee kid, way to stick it to me.


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