The questions

To be used 9/15

I’ve been hearing the following questions from friends, family members, co-workers.

Are you excited?
Yes, but more nervous.

Why are you not freaking out?!
‘Cause I’m freaking out about work. (This was more the case two weeks ago as there was a lot to do in the last week of the summer programs.)

Are you freaking out?
Actually, no one asks me this. Sean gets this question.

Do you have everything ready?
No. All the “big stuff” is generally done, but there are still plenty of things on the to-do list. Fortunately, we have plenty of people to help and enough time. I thought I’d want to take the whole week off from work, but went in on Monday.

Do you have your dress?
Of course. I’ve had it since early June.


5 thoughts on “The questions

  1. LOL @ ericka!

    i hope my card gets to you both in time, but if not: i’m thinking of you and sending you love and wishing you well. i’m looking forward to the pics after the fact.


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