Back on the training plan

Between Miles 3 and 4

You know how some runners have trouble taking time off of running after a marathon? Well, I’m not one of those people. After the Long Beach Marathon in October I took a couple of weeks off and only ran 3-4 miles here or there. Same thing with LA. Even though I knew I should rest and Marc (my coach) assured me it was okay to rest a bit, I felt weird not running a few easy miles. I tried to run and quit after a few minutes. I still had some mild pain and soreness in my quads. I stuck to the elliptical and kept up with my weight lifting routine. Two weeks after the marathon, I went out for another run. My legs felt fine, but I got winded easily. I feel like I lost a lot of fitness. I hope it’s just in my head.

I’d like to get back on track and be in PR shape or the Pasadena half marathon next month. I’m much better with getting in my miles and workouts when I’m training for a race. I don’t race too often to just run for fun, so I’d like to make it worth my time and registration fee. I ran Pasadena last year and liked the course. I achieved my first sub-2 there. I’m hoping to PR (ideally squeak in at 1:49:XX), but won’t sweat it if I can’t get in shape in time.


5 thoughts on “Back on the training plan

  1. You are inspiring! I’m training for the Pasadena half-marathon. It will be my first race ever. Maybe I’ll see you there. 🙂

  2. Good luck with your training. I’m with you on the fact that, I don’t enter races for “fun”. I remember when 5k’s used to be $25 the day of the race and you could wait till the last minute to enter a marathon and pay less than $100. Plus I feel if you race too much then you can’t expect quality results all of the time. Do you work out by yourself or do you meet up with a running group?

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