One of these kids is not like the other

Adrian, Michael, Nancy and Lori, Halloween 1988 or 1989

I think my almost daily blogging of the last two weeks is giving way to a break for the next two weeks. I need to focus on quals. Eek.


0 thoughts on “One of these kids is not like the other

  1. Happy Holloween…. drink some witches brew tonight!

    y buena suerte con tus quals… your blogging will be missed, but the absence will be very understandable…. you will kick ass!!!!

  2. Happy Halloween. I just wanna say that your Halloween costume series was really badass. I had no comments to leave because H’ween is a holiday I only appreciate after my 6th drink, but I have a feeling you’ll be the source of my costume inspiration for years to come. Good luck on quals, whatever that means.

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