Halloween on a budget: Vendedor de Flores

One of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls, at least aesthetically, is the episode where the whole town takes part in the Festival of Living Art. In the episode, the town characters portray famous paintings like “The Last Supper” in full costume, but must stand perfectly still.

This episode, along with the requisite Diego Rivera print or two hanging in my apartment inspired another low-budget costume.

Vendedor de Flores

There are two different paintings you could use for inspiration (see above): “Vendedor de Alcatraces” and “Cargador de Flores.”

Here’s how you do it:

  • For a women: long white huipil
  • For a man: white shirt, white loose pants (for best effect shirt and pants made of manta)
  • Small straw hat (for the male version)
  • Long rebozo or solid fabric to tie the basket to your back
  • Large round basket
  • Lots of lillies or other flowers
  • Huaraches (sandals)

The only downsides of this costume is that you may have to be on your knees a lot for the full effect or the basket of flowers might get annoying.

Bonus: You can use the flowers to flirt with a cute guy or girl at a party.


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  1. I got a chance to see Vendedor de Flores while in San Francisco and it made the price of the museum admission completely worth it. I was disappointed that they weren’t selling prints of the piece in the museum store.

  2. I´m in Oaxaca at the moment and it seems all the flower vendors have given up the baskets and now just use a little table or the floor to stack the bundles of cempacuchil and other flowers. Technology marches on!

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