Question of the week: Name a Monster

el mostro

I’m blogging live and direct from Tianguis in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. Cracked Chancla is running around preparing for the Monstrochikas event. The artist, Naomi Martinez, and her mom and sisters (I think) are setting up dozens of colorful cupcakes to match the colors in her Monstrochikas series of paintings.

There’s jazz is the background. Cool art, cool books, yummy cupcakes, free wi-fi and cool t-shirts (and we all know I love t-shirts).

But the best part is the life-sized nameless monster. I want to hug him. I think I will.

La pregunta: What would you name the monster?

P.S. I like Chuy. Naomi’s mom says his name has to be Latino. No Chad or Hunters.


17 thoughts on “Question of the week: Name a Monster

  1. Is Classical (botanical) Latin “Latino” enough?
    Your green monster obviously deserves to be called “Trichocereus” (not the full “Trichocereus Peruvianus” species name of the big, tall “Peruvian Torch” cactus). I bumped into one ot these a while back — actually I chopped up his head and ate it, and my head was spinning for days. 😉
    Then again, I think Hector’s “Greengo” name idea is brilliant.

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