Ninth week notes

I’ve gone two weeks without tortillas, tortilla chips and tostadas. The most difficult days were the first few when I was at receptions where they had quesadillas, tortilla chips, and tortillas to make tacos with fajitas and carnitas. Both of those receptions were on days where you’re required to abstain from meat too, so it was even more difficult because I couldn’t just have chicken fajitas or carnitas with arroz y frijoles. I think I miss tortilla chips more than tortillas.

I’ve conducted four interviews for my study on Latino science students. I need several more students, but just thinking about having to transcribe their interviews makes me lazy about doing some more recruitment.

I went to Houston a month ago. I miss it. Rather, I miss my cousins and taking shots of tequila with my tía Nellie and tío Jesus. There’s just something really nice about being with people who you feel completely at home with yet rarely see.

My mom is already back at work and has already bought our tickets to Cancun for our family trip. Woo hoo.

I spent a lot of time late last night reading up on Turnbull Canyon for my contribution to’s list of Top 25 LA Legends (here’s the post). Can I just say it’s not a good idea to read creepy stuff right before going to bed?

I had a dream a few weeks ago. In the dream I was shamelessly flirting with Marcos, one of my parents’ ahijados (godson) and long time friend. At one point Marcos made a move and I freaked ’cause I couldn’t kiss him since that would be cheating. The dream was weird on a few levels and I told my friend about it. She told me not to worry since being a flirt was simply a part of my personality. I heard the same comments later. I think that bugs me.

I’ll be going to Chicago and DC in April. Who wants to hang out? If the Chicago bloggers made time for HP, I hope they make time for me.

I think it sucks that the LA Times cut La Cucaracha from the comics page. It’s definitely one of my favorite comics. They also cut another one of my favorites, Candorville. Lalo Alcaraz, the author/artists behind La Cucaracha, was rightfully pissed and his plea for help was on LA blogs on Monday. By Tuesday afternoon, the LA Times had responded by bringing La Cucaracha back to the funnies. Woo hoo. (more)

I have two presentations next week, two papers due the week after, at least three interviews to finish transcribing and lots more to do. I don’t want to do any of it. I’m tired of school.


0 thoughts on “Ninth week notes

  1. Gustavo,
    Nope. My tía Martha makes excellent and beautifully decorated cakes, but Oogie Boogie up there (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) is not made of frosting.

  2. I’m a self-pronounced flirt and I enjoy it. I have on occasion gotten grief from others because of the flirting but once they realize I’m an equal opportunity flirter and don’t mean anything by it except fun, they get with the program.

  3. Irasali,
    The monkey is definitely coming. His “dad” lives in Chicago.

    Looking at the menu is a lot different than flirting with the menu… oh well. I’ll be good. I promise!

    I think I know, I just don’t like to admit it. Oh well, I’ll embrace it. 😀

  4. When exactly will you be in Chicago? I might be in Chicago in the middle of April.

    And I’m going to be in LA. the second half of this week. Make time for me! Por favor? Of course, only if you have time cuz I know you’re always busy.

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