Mil palabras: Julio y Verónica

Vero y Julio
Julio y Veronica, Guanajuato (2005)

I’m flying to Houston on Friday to attend Julio and Verónica’s wedding. I’m excited. I’ve never been to Texas. Well, I’ve been to El Paso, but it was for a conference so I don’t think that counts.

Julio is my second cousin. I don’t get to see him very often and for a long period of our lives, I didn’t see him or his family at all. His parents moved him and his two brothers to East LA from Guanajuato when they were kids. When they lived in East LA, we’d visit often as my parents were fairly close with my tío Manuel and tía Mari. Danny and I also got along well with the guys, Juan, Julio and Chuy since we were about the same age. There’s even a photo buried in an album of me and Chuy laying on a bed side-by-side when we were babies.

In the early 90s, they moved to Houston. My mom would frequently tell me that I should consider visiting, especially during my 2003 “big city tour,” but I never got around to it. My parents, on the other hand, were more connected to that side of the family.

I re-connected with the Houston branch of my family in the summer of 2004 when I traveled on my own to Guanajuato. Juan was the only person around me fluent in English and it was a relief to be able to express myself without forgetting how to say a word. I also got to meet the two youngest children in the family, Edward and Beatris, who were in middle school.

In December 2005, I took another trip with my parents, grandparents and my tía Martha’s family (mom’s sister) to Guanajuato and Zacatecas. We spent a few days in Guanajuato to attend a wedding and visit family. At the wedding, I met Veronica and saw Julio and Chuy for the first time in many years. Soon after, Verónica became my MySpace friend. She was the one who urged me most to consider going to Guanajuato for Beatris’ quinceañera last August.

It was during this trip that she and Daisy, my cousin Chuy’s wife, teased the guys saying “le salió lo Mosqueda” (the Mosqueda came out in him). I didn’t know what this meant. They explained that their partners Mosqueda trait showed most when they angry and stubborn. Ahh. I know that well. Being a Mosqueda was more than just being angry, it also meant having big lips. Check, again.

I’m not used to being around a lot of people who share my last name, but I definitely enjoy it. I can’t wait for my Houston trip. It’s only four days, but it’ll be four more days of fun with my cousins.


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  1. Cindy have lots of fun in texas and at the wedding. I hope you will have your camera handy to take lots of pictures at the wedding — i need ideas! Anything from centerpieces, to flower arrangements and recuerdos. =D

  2. Haha, big lips and attitude … who woulda guessed. Just kiddin’.

    Have fun over there. I was in Houston on Monday. OK, just for an hour. OK, just at the airport … but still …

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