It’s all going to be okay, right?

Mom and Papá Chepe are not the kind to pass up dancing My mom will be undergoing surgery tomorrow afternoon to remove a tumor.

I’m nervous, but I feel like I shouldn’t be. (I probably shouldn’t have watched the last few Grey’s Anatomy episodes.) My mom and dad don’t sound nervous. They sound calm and collected, like they know everything is going to be okay.

I talked to my mom earlier this afternoon after she went for her pre-operation appointment. She gave me more details about the length of time the surgery would take, where they would cut and how long she’d have to be in the hospital.

She also told me that she was hungry, but she can’t eat.

My grandparents already know. There was no way to avoid my mom being gone for 4-5 days without them noticing.

Thanks to everyone who sent their support. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


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  1. Positive thought for you and your family.

    Just to mention, if the procedure goes longer than what they said it would, don’t worry too much. Sometimes there are unexpected things that need to be taken care of once they are in the process of removing a tumor. Sara’s father was supposed to take a couple of hours and it went over nine. He came out of it fine. It was very stressful at the time, but then we knew that it was better that the doctor be careful, precise, and we were thankful he was so thorough.

  2. Much love to you and your family cindylu. my mom had a tumor removed along with her uterus a couple of months ago. everything turned out okay. the recovery takes long, but this operations are very common now. t

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