Christmas (compiled)

My camera is broken and thus I have no pictures from the Christmas festivities at my tío Beto and tía Ana’s house in San Diego (the 16th), my tío Chuy and tía Luisa’s house in Ontario (the 23rd), and my house on the 24th.

If I did have photos, I would have posted them on Flickr and you would have seen:

  • A bunch of my cousins laughing at Betito’s assertion that “[his] dad is the winner [pronounced wiener], and all of you are the losers” after he chose his dad’s name in a raffle.
  • My Padrino José asleep in the massage chair. He made us laugh a lot as his panza shook with the vibration of the chair. My Padrino played along once he woke up (but faked it) and realized we were all laughing at him.
  • Ingrid and little Anthony versus Bobby and Betito in musical chairs. Bobby caused Betito to lose and Betito didn’t take it well… he started crying.
  • Betito kicking Adrian dangerously close to his “no-no” spot while they were wrestling.
  • Every room in my tío Beto and tía Ana’s house full of people eating, drinking, laughing and just talking.
  • My cousin Adán, who I haven’t seen since he moved to Arizona earlier in the year, showing up wearing some cool new alligator boots.
  • The yummy pozole that my tía Luisa made, complete with some lime, onions and lots of repollo.
  • The elimination Jenga tournament in which 9 people played and Vanny (the winner) got so nervous her heart began to beat fast.
  • Eric (cousin) and Claudia’s pit bull, Diesel.
  • The silly drawings of Christmas related words (e.g., Christmas tree, angel, Nativity scene, Virgin Mary, baby Jesus) drawn during a blind pictionary game. I split every one into 7 groups of 4, gave them paper and markers. They picked a piece of paper and drew that word with their eyes closed as their team tried to guess the word. The first team to guess their word got a point.
  • VR (our dog) wearing his new black t-shirt that says “who’s walking who?”. He looks cute, but it makes him look fat. I guess black is not a slimming color for dogs. He didn’t like it much, and later peed on his t-shirt.
  • Mikey’s parents, sister and her boyfriend meeting the rest of my family and getting punked during one of the games.
  • The traditional gift exchange/intercambio which featured dares. You would have a photo of Danny, my brother, eating a piece of pumpkin pie without hands; my dad moviendo la colita (and not throwing out his back!); Mikey dancing with a broom; my dad dancing with tío Pancho; and Mamá Toni kissing Papá Chepe.
  • Denise (cousin George’s girlfriend) first Christmas with the Ureño-Saldivar family initiated with a shot of Patrón tequila.
  • Betito swinging with all his might to break the burrito piñata.
  • The frenzy that occurred during one of the games. My mom, dad and Vanny went around a big circle holding a bowl with dice. If you rolled a pair, you had to run in to the circle and grab one of three wrapped gifts. If there were no gifts there, you took the gift from someone else. At the end of three minutes, who ever still had a gift got to keep it.
  • My cousin Bobby dressing up as Santa Claus for the first time. He brought a sack of gifts for all the little kids and several of the big kids.
  • The younger kids’ wide eyes as they saw Santa Claus come up to the house (we held the party outdoors). Betito and Anthony’s fake smiles as they posed for pictures with Santa after receiving their gifts.
  • Betito and his sister, Lizette’s, t-shirts that read “Jingle bells, all girls smell” and “Dear Santa, I’ve been bad… but I’m good at it.”
  • Little Anthony holding the baby Jesus while the rest of the family sang Vamos Pastores Vamos, O Come All Ye Faithful, and We Wish You A Merry Christmas.
  • The late night dinner of more tamales.
  • My Padrino José holding up his gift from his daughter Bibi. It took my mom a minute to realize that Vitamina P2 would be read as “vitamina pedos”.
  • The mess of wrapping paper, boxes, gift bags and tissue paper throughout the living room.

We didn’t do anything on Christmas Day except enjoy the 73 degree day. Yeah, I would have taken a picture of myself in flip flops, jeans and short-sleeve blouse as I took VR for a Christmas Day walk.


2 thoughts on “Christmas (compiled)

  1. My condolences to you regarding your camera…Mine wa dropped into the ocean in SF by mistake. Luckily I now have a replacement camera. It is nice but I miss my old one just the same.

    It sounds like you all had a marvelous time. 73 degrees??? I am SO jealous. We were freezing up here with temps in the high 40’s /low 50’s!

  2. Your familia sounds like so much fun. I found your site by accident about a year ago. I’ve been a fan ever since. I’m 34, mexican, raised in ELA and I have 4 kids. I hope that I am able to raise my kids well enough and that they turn out like you. You are one smart Chicana. Keep it going!

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