Lotería de la Mujer

La Quinceañera It was my third time going to T’s office. The first time I went, I dropped off my cover letter and resumé and asked a few questions about the job. The second time, I left my coat before heading to a conference room for an interview. The third time was three days after I had been offered the position and a day after I accepted.

I had never paid attention to anything on the walls and only looked out at the drab construction scene outside of T’s window.

But this time, I looked around and noticed 12 postcards in plastic cases mounted in three perfect rows.

The cards were like the lotería cards I have all over this page with “la _____”, a picture and a number assigned to the bright card. Instead of roosters, devils and hearts, the cards featured women in all stages of womanhood.

In the traditional Lotería game, most of the cards depict objects or animals rather than people. The women who are depicted are the one in La Chalupa, La Sirena, and La Dama. I thought the paintings in Lotería de la Mujer were rather cool because it showed that women could be everything from “la vaga” to “la abuela.”

I asked T about the cards and she explained that one of her first students, Nuvia Crisol Guerra, had painted the cards. I was surprised to see that a scientist could have such cool paintings, but as T informed me, most scientists are rather artistic. Nuvia now sells Lotería de la Mujer as a game, package of postcards, and greeting cards online and at local bookstores and shops.

Who wants to play?


8 thoughts on “Lotería de la Mujer

  1. That is definitely cool!
    Where do you go to buy them though?
    I didn’t see where anywhere.
    Maybe I’m not looking right.

    I bought the Loteria game just this January in the town my Mom lives in Californita. I bought the LARGE card game. It’s so cool. We had so much fun playing it “a penny y a cora”! hahaha


  2. Cindylu, you’re always sharing such delightful little treasures. I totally love all of Nuvia’s work, its so beautiful. I’m sure you’re also familiar with the Nva Loteria version by Teresa Villegas–she inteprets the complete deck.

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