Mil palabras: trompo

Trompo (spinning top)
Plateros, Zacatecas

What was your favorite game from the motherland?

I finally uploaded photos from the short day trip to Plateros, Zacatecas near Fresnillo. Plateros is the home of the shrine to El Santo Niño de Atocha. I remember whining (but not aloud, because my mom would have gotten mad) that I didn’t want to visit another religious shrine on my trip to Mexico. Still, the trip to Plateros ended up being great. I got several pairs of earrings and bracelets beaded by Huichol Indians.


10 thoughts on “Mil palabras: trompo

  1. I love Santo Niño de Atocha, I carry with me a little prayer card, I have a similar pendant where he is wearing the blue bottoms. I also pray a lot to San Judas Tadeo. I wish I could go to Mexico again or at least to Tijuana, I miss it so much.

  2. You are a great photographer. I love those shots. I still don’t know how to use those damn trompos.

    Thanks for putting me on to Julieta’s new single. She rocks. I love her Si album.

  3. I’ve been to Plateros twice; once as a lad another as an old lad (young man). It is very different now. I remember when you used to be able to walk down the main street into the Church after entering the town. Now you have to walk around the shops and commerce, it kind of cheapened the experience for me. Is nothing sacred anymore.

  4. I used to be pretty good with trompos when I was a kid.

    I tried doing some of that stuff a short while ago and I couldn’t even get them to spin… =(

  5. Bren,
    As a kid I always thought el Santo Niño looked weird. I have a small trinket that my grandpa gave me went I started college.

    Thanks. I was never good with the trompos even when my mom tried to help me out. You’re welcome for the new single, glad you appreciate great music.

    I remember going to Plateros as a kid too, and then noticing the differences when I went in December. I expected a lot more of the drawings and letters about miracles posted up and the walkway of shops felt new too. I was actually really sad that I only had a few pesos because there were a bunch of beaded earrings, necklaces and bracelets I wanted to buy. I was more interested in that than the church itself.

    If I was in Dallas, I’d check it out. Thanks for the link.

    Thanks. I think since it’s spring time, it’s time for something brighter. Plus, I like having something that no one else has.

  6. I have also visited the Santo Nino in Plateros many times before. I like reading the stories that have been posted on how the Santo Nino helped someone in someway or another. My mom has a picture of him in the living room and she sometimes gives it a kiss for good luck.

  7. I vividly remember playing with both Trompos and Marbles. We were dirt poor so I actually had to make the toys we played with. One of the toys I had to make in order to entertain myself was taking bottle caps, and flattening them to make a flat metal circle. We would then make a hole through the middle of it and put some string. This would allow you to make noises with that device and it provided hours of fun. LOL

    Nice changes!

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