Chile relleno

My dad left the follow message on my cell phone Friday. My mom’s reaction was the same as mine as I listened to the message.

Dad: Hey Cindy. This is dad. Hey, Mom asked me to call you because she made stuffed peppers

Mom: chile relleno!

Dad: stuffed peppers wrapped in egg batter. In other words she said, [imitating mom] “chile relleno.” Anyway, talk to you later. Oh… and she also made some enchilada caserole the other day that we helped her make. Okay. Ciao.


14 thoughts on “Chile relleno

  1. Oh yummm… My Hubby wouldl be so jealous!
    He made me promise to make him some when I get back home.

    It’s his favorite plate that I make.
    Happy Valentine’s Day Cindy!


  2. Your dad’s funny. Can you believe i still have never tried a chile relleno?? They always looked so weird to me, and cheese, yknow, i’m weird about cheese. (i guess its a texture thing). Ah well.

  3. Chile relleno is right up there with nopales, in other words, disgusting. My pops loves it though, so I had to eat more than my fair share of it growing up.

    You took my hunger away.

    Btw, Happy Valentines day Cindylu, te mando un beso desde San Diego. 🙂

  4. Okay, stuffed peppers is something my mom made back in the seventies. Big green bell peppers full of ground hamburger, etc. Prob’ly from a Betty Crocker recipe card. Let’s just say green bell peppers have never been my friend.

    Hope your valentines is full of sabor.

  5. cad,
    Yeah… I think my dad was just being silly.

    Neither had I. My mom stole the words from my mouth when she corrected my dad. There’s a Oaxacan restaurant that has yummy chile rellenos mixed with chicken and nueces.

    No pienses mal!

    La Bella,
    Do they not have any good Mexican restaurants where your hubby is located? Hope your Valentine day is good.

    Some reason, I don’t think that’s too tough.

    You’re probably healthier not eating them too often.

    Feliz día de San Valentín, también. Hope you and your family have a good one.

    My dad does plenty of other funny things. I think I was scared of chile rellenos when I was kid, because I have a very low tolerance for chile.

    You are not a true Mexican. I always knew you hated your people. I hope your Valentine’s Day is good.

    Your icon rocks. Hope you have a good day too! And I agree… stuffed bell peppers sound kinda funny.

    Go eat!

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