But it’s no use hiding this pretty head in the ground

I got a tiny cut on my left pinky. In shadows, I can’t even see the cut, but I still feel the stinging sensation. Are little cuts always this annoying? This other news might be less interesting.

  • My nails are a little too long for me to type comfortably and I can’t find my nail clippers. On the other hand, they’re perfect for a manicure, but I’m too hasty to wait enough time to let them dry. I always screw up a manicure.
  • El Venado and I had a big argument last week. I got mad first. Among other things, he was being flaky. Then he tried to be un-flaky, but that didn’t work, because according to him, I was mean and kept shutting him down. We’re cool now. We kissed and made up.
  • Earlier, I was thinking about what the world would be like if you could delete friends and acquaintances from your social network like you do on Friendster or MySpace.
  • I’m going to DC in early March. That weekend also coincides with el Venado’s birthday…
  • I’ve been contemplating whether or not I want to run for a student government position again. If I do run again, it will be for the same position, Vice President of External Affairs. The main questions I’ve been considering are: (1) have I accomplished what I set out to accomplish in this position?; (2) what do I still need to learn about public higher education, decision making and funding; (3) can I balance my student government participation with school and work?
  • I wore black pants, a black blouse, maroon coat and matching shoes with striped rainbow toe socks today. Tomorrow, I’ll wear a skirt. Yes, it’s almost laundry day.
  • For my qualitative research methods course, I have to spend 4 hours a week as a participant-observer at a site of my choice. Then, I got to spend twice the amount of time typing up my notes. All this time spent writing fieldnotes and being in the field really makes me miss quantitative research and stats.
  • Papá Chepe and Mamá Toni will be celebrating their 63rd wedding anniversary this weekend. The family celebrates it with a sizable get together every year. I guess there’s a fear that one late January, we’ll only be left with one grandparent or parents and we got to celebrate their lives right now.
  • The Chicana/o Studies professor from Hacienda Heights, Prof R, went to the rival high school. Boo. He’s less cool now.
  • I’ve been listening More Shine by Sí*Se almost non-stop since my friend sent me the album late last year. I like it even better than their first eponymous album. It makes me want to dance, hug A for introducing them to me 3+ years ago, and make amends with O all at the same time. How strange.



7 thoughts on “But it’s no use hiding this pretty head in the ground

  1. ¿Tienes el nuevo disco de Si*Se? I sooo want to hear it. I heard them on KCRW doing their new stuff but I never got around to listening to them. Te debo musica, no se me a olvidado. 🙂

  2. I totally understand the clothing situation. I am so bad that I will go out and buy new clothes before I wash (or iron) the ones I have. I HATE doing laundry!

  3. EMC,
    I assume you’ve already checked your email. I figure this way the music will get to you sooner than via snail mail.

    I’ll have to keep your suggestion in mind. I don’t think I’ll want to venture out of the hotel much if it’ll still be cold.

    I actually don’t mind doing laundry. I just hate having to pay for it. I prefer going home rather than being $1.50/load to wash and $1.00/load to dry. Yuck.

    But we’re going to have dim sum! I’m not sure where the nearest In-N-Out is to Downtown.

  4. I hate to admit this, but I have absolutely cut off people in real life in the same manner you can with MySpace, Friendster, etc…

    Some people’s negativity and bad juju just aren’t worth the trouble of trying to keep as friends. I always try to surround myself with positive people.

    (Shift+Delete) = delete’s permanently

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