So this is the new year

I’m home.

For all the complaining I did about the big changes in weather — very warm and sunny days, very cold nights — I would rather have that than the rain.

I’ll be back with stories and pictures soon… I have many.

Hope you all had a good and happy new year. I was in bed watching a movie while my parents and grandparentes tried to get some rest for the long drive back early the next morning despite the gun and firework blasts going off in el Cargadero and the roaming band.

I had no one to kiss at midnight except for Ozo (the monkey, not Oso the blogger).


11 thoughts on “So this is the new year

  1. Welcome Back Cindylu. I am looking forward to your stories and pics. I feel you on the New Year’s kiss situation. I did get a kiss from Sabi but…it’s not quite the same thing!!! 🙂

  2. Your New Year’s Eve sounds like one we spent in Panama City one year – sounds of music, shouts, singing and dancing in the streets but we were too exhausted from the heat, humidity and mosquitos to get out of bed. Oh well – we also didn’t have the hang over the next morning. Looking forward to reading your stories and seeing your pictures

  3. Being silly, “yappy hew near”! Being serious, here in Puerto Rico shooting guns into the air has been so prevalent that the Prison Inmates Union (yes, there is one, called ñETA) issued a warning that anyone arrested/convicted for shooting a gun in celebration would automatically be denied ñETA membership! My husband’s aunt said yesterday there was not even one gunshot death this year!

  4. Did you bring back queso?!?! I have never tasted cheese like the kind from Zacatecas, or maybe it’s just La Ermita (de Guadalupe, a little closer to Jerez than El Cargadero, but in the opposite direction). Mmmm….~drool~ Hopefully, I’ll make it out to Mexico this summer, it’s been two years, it’s about time for a trip!

  5. Kelly,
    It’s taking me a while to get through all those photos and stories. Hope you had a good new year and Chanukkah.

    Thankfully there were no mosquitos at this rancho, or else they would have surely bitten me up. I hate feeling like I’m missing a party.

    Thanks! I’m still getting used to being back and grumbling about going back to school.

    Igualmente. Hopefully 2006 is good for you.

    Do you like beaded earrings?

    I don’t know if I’m more amazed about the existence of a prison inmates union or their warning. Either way, if it saves innocent people, I can’t complain. Feliz año nuevo!

    Dude, you look like you had a niiiiice vacation in Costa Rica.

    I’d be careful with that comment. “Someone” might be reading and he might challenge you to a duel.

    My tío Pancho’s mom sent us back with the orange queso enchilado for him to give to his brothers and sisters. I’m not sure if the orange cheese is what you’re salivating about. Maybe it’s the queso that looks like it’s a loaf? That one is so good. I had lots of tacos of that stuff.

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