It’s been a long time

Hola. If you can believe it, this is my first time online in over a week. Weird, yes, I know.

This trip to Mexico is different. My immediate family is here, I’m with my octogenerian grandparents who tend to treat me like a little kid. I’ve been writing a lot (I had a lot of time to myself from Sunday to Saturday) and taking lots of pictures too. My grandparents go to sleep at about 8 pm, so after that I get to just chill in my room in their house in Tijuana or el Cargadero, Zacatecas, and watch lots of Gilmore Girls season 5, write and make playlists for CDs.

Um, highlights thus far?

Well, going back to Jeréz and el Cargadero for the first time since I was about 10 years old have been weird. Jeréz is a lively city a few miles away from el Cargadero, the pueblo where my grandparents and their families have lived for years. Last time I came, the place looked smaller, but there was much more going on. I played with kids in the main plaza (now called Plaza Civica del Migrante) when I came as a kid. I had friends and there was all kinds of things for me to explore. I only missed my parents and cartoons in English. Now, when I asked Papa Chepe about the population of el Cargadero, he told me the place “está muerto,” the town is dead. There are few people left, he says 3/4ths of the houses are empty and only get filled in October for last fiestas de San Rafael.

Everyone está en el Norte, including my grandparents. It makes me wonder what the migration does to a little town like el Cargadero. Everyone has family in Anaheim, Chicago, North Carolina, etc. Closer to Christmas, I saw more cars driving in with California plates. They were easy to identify, and not because of the license plates. They were newer, shiny SUVs and pick-up trucks.

My parents and tía Martha’s family arrived on Saturday evening. It’s good to have them here. I think in a few years I’ll look back at how bratty I was to think of the time with my grandparents as boring. Well, it’s just slow-paced. Ten of us (grandparents, mom, dad, tía Martha’s family) packed into my tío Pancho’s truck and drove to Salamanca, Guanajuato. I know this place, I really like this place, even with the smell of the refinería de Pemex.

Right now, I should go back to my cousin Tere’s wedding. She looks beautiful as all brides do. Her dad and mom, the ones I stayed with when I came to the Rancho last August, look proud. And her many brothers are decked out in the finest trajes, al estilo Lupillo Rivera.

It’s a good place to be, but I miss home, my siblings, VR (the puppy), el Venado, my roommate, and of course interacting with all you fabulous blogeros.

Feliz Navidad (if you celebrate it, I’m sure you said less Hail Mary’s than I did), Happy Holidays, y Prospero Año Nuevo.

Los extraño!


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