Happy Mexicans (in costumes)

Happy Halloween!

As promised, pictures from the festivities at the Killa Bee’s party.

Lori supports our troops Mikey the dirty mechanic

I called my sister, Lori, while I was at the MAC counter in Nordstrom’s. Her boyfriend, Mikey, answered and said she couldn’t come to the phone because she was doing her hair. I expected something like she usually does, but the curls look great. When I first saw her, she was wearing a long coat, which made her costume look even more stripper-ish. She bought her USO Girl costume at a place called Leg Up, which in her words, “sells clothes for whores.” She’s lucky my dad didn’t see her leave the house.

I suggested to Lori that if she dressed as Captain Hook, Mikey could be Smee, her bumbling sidekick. I also mentioned something about a belly and how Mikey has one. She thought my suggestion was mean, but Adrian couldn’t stop laughing. They could have done the Peter Pan group costume pretty well. I guess Mikey’s dirty mechanic was in honor of the NASCAR mechanics at the pitstops (he’s a big fan). The gloves he’s wearing have neat built in mini-flashlight. He dirtied up his face with makeup from Lori. Everyone knows mechanics are dirty.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Can't you just pretend to be nice?

My younger brother, Adrian, and his girlfriend Cindy dressed up as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. My mom made their costumes. I think it turned out great since Adrian is both mischievous and boyish. Cindy is tiny like a fairy (about 4’11”). He had to leave a little after 11 to get Cindy home before her midnight curfew. If there was a costume contest, I think they could have won for cutest couple.

My cousin, Nancy, proves that you can have a low-budget, last-minute costume and still look great. She wore cat ears with a choker, black dress, fishnets, and black flats. There were other women at the party wearing cat ears too, but as Nancy noticed, they were all dressed in regular clothing. She was the cutest cat there, hands down, and could have been one of the girls in the movie Josie and the Pussycats.

On a sad note, Nancy’s costume might have been in memory of her kitten, Muumuu. She told me that a few days ago her 10-year old sister had found Muumuu dead in the neighbor’s yard. The culprit? The neighbor’s Rottweiler. As you would imagine, Valerie is still traumatized.

The cave people

Rene and Veronica had the best couples costume at the party. It might have not been that great if Rene didn’t add his usual eccentric charm to the costume. He added facial hair, fake teeth, and painted his face. He also had some rather primitive dance moves.

Ernie after a few jello shots

I was a little surprised to know that my cousin Ernie was coming to the party too. It’s been a while since I’ve partied with him. I was glad to see him and even more glad that he was careful with his hook while he danced to rock en español tunes.

Sunflower princess

Did you think I’d actually forget to post pictures of me in my costume? My mom made my “sunflower princess” costume after I drew a picture for her of what I envisioned. We bought fabric, a headband and several fake sunflowers. I helped to glue “leaves” and sunflowers onto the long blouse. We used the headband and some posterboard to glue fake sunflowers on as a crown of sorts. I ditched the matching green pants my mom made because it was just too much green. When I tried on the costume, Adrian made fun of me too. I wore tights instead so I wouldn’t look like Kermit My sister, Lori, helped with makeup and I was set.

For more pictures, check the Halloween flickr set.


15 thoughts on “Happy Mexicans (in costumes)

  1. all of the costumes are great…your cousin renee is crazy! I love the facial expressions on his face for the pictures! And your costume is awesome too! Looks like you all had a great time!! 🙂

  2. The caveman dude is hilarious!! I wish I was crazy enough to wear a costume like that. lol. Your costume was way cool too…I gotta hire your mom to make my costume for next year. I think I want to be Fozzie bear..do you think she is up for it?

  3. Cindy, one of these days I’m going to have to make it to one of your parties, they always look badass and your friends all look like they’re having lots of fun. Great costumes–all of you–but my favorite has to be Rene’s. Definately, the best.

    Gustavo, needs to dress up as Fozzie Bear next year.

  4. Julissa,
    Thanks. Most of these pics were taken under the influence of beer and jello shots. They made us happy.

    Thanks. Rene usually takes pictures with some crazy expression, it’s not just limited to Halloween.

    You need to practice your wokka-wokka-wokka’s before my mom will made a Fozzie Bear costume. I think she’s down, you just need to go to Hacienda Heights for the fitting.

    I think if my blouse was an indigenous, woven blouse I’d be more Frida-ish. Do kids dress up in Puerto Rico?

    My family is lots of fun to be around. I know we wouldn’t disappoint you if you came to one our parties. Plus, you’d have good food too.

    I think Rene has taken the Lotería Chicana costume contest prize.

    I agree.

    Thanks. I should dress as a flower more often.

    Thanks. My mom will appreciate the compliments on her handiwork. All I did was use the glue gun to glue on some flowers and leaves.

    Thanks. Did you dress up? I only saw your princess and goth fairy.

  5. Kids dress up here in Puerto Rico, my five year-old niece had a Princess (that Disney marketing behemoth) disfraz on Saturday night; then, being the daughter of divorced parents, she had a different costume on Monday night trick-or-treating, Kim Possible. I only saw her on Saturday, and she looked adorable. Word from my brother was that she looked just as good on Monday 🙂

    As I write this, the shame of not knowing what my two nieces who live in Indianapolis went disfrazadas as for Halloween washed over me. I can’t believe we haven’t spoken before or since!

  6. Oh man cindylu, I was at this party! I showed up alone and met up a couple friends there. I was just another Catholic school girl in the crowd…

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