San Francisco treats

Hastings Towers On Thursday night while I was packing and watching Mean Girls I smiled. It wasn’t because I find the movie hilarious or because packing is that pleasurable. I simply smiled because the thought that crossed my mind at that moment was, ‘I’m going to San Francisco.’

San Francisco has been my happy place for the last four years. As a kid, I had no love for the city. After a camping trip to Lake Tahoe, my family spent the night at a motel in SF. When we awoke in the morning, we found the doors to our red van wide open. While we slept, thieves stole credit cards, my dad’s guitar, and other items we had taken camping. As a 7 year old kid, I wasn’t concerned about the missing credit cards. I secretly hoped that the thieves didn’t take my toys.

I didn’t return to SF until fall 2001. And that was when I fell in love with the city… and a little more. I was hooked on the city and a boy. Even though he was almost 500 miles away, I didn’t mind making the trip to see him. The city just made me happy, and it was more than just the guy. I know, because even after we broke up, the city still made me feel different. And it was a good different. All the drama from LA was out of my mind and the air felt cleaner. I like that there is so much in the city I still need to explore, but also enough that is familiar to me.

I tend to romanticize the city, but it’s still a nice place to be, too bad it was only for the weekend and for UCSA business.


7 thoughts on “San Francisco treats

  1. San Francisco seems gorgeous. My friend visited years ago and asked me to go, unfortunately I couldn’t make that trip. But it’s still one of the places I hope to visit one day!

  2. Boston serves the same purpose for me. Ever since i first visited the city in ’99 to visit Brian. It was beautiful,and so different from Los Angeles. Last time we went, it felt different though…maybe bc Brian’s out here with me now.

  3. the city is a whole other world… and all I do is cross a bridge… someday I’ll live there… the vibe of the city is unlike any I’ve ever been too… downtown reminds me of NY, but the rest is very unique… and when the fog rolls in it is amazing..

  4. One of those places I’ve always wanted to live for a couple years. If not in the city itself, then at least East Bay. I’m headed up myself in a couple weeks!

  5. Joel,
    It’s one of those cities you should try to visit. Maybe try to make a DC Nats vs. Giants game.

    There are nice and some not-so-nice parts of the city. Where my friend lives, is known as the Tenderloin and has a reputation for being pretty sketchy despite being adjacent to the Civic Center. I guess all big cities have their good and bad.

    Or maybe the cold and snow finally stopped being so nice and different.

    When my friend moved up for law school she was miserable and complained that she didn’t even feel like she was in LA anymore. I like the East Bay too.

    I’ll be going back in a few weeks… for more business. Arg. I tried to apply to grad school there, but I stopped at the last minute. It just wasn’t for me.

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